My daughter worked with Donna for nine months and was accepted to every school on her list.   We are thrilled with her choices and very happy with the merit awards she received.   We can’t think her enough for all the help she gave us. 

Tricia, Shoreline, WA

We hired Donna when my son was a sophomore in high school.   She helped him take the right classes and become involved in the right activities to really make his application stand out when applying to colleges.   He was accepted to his top choices and is looking forward to heading off to college in a few months.

Richard, Seattle, WA

I was really worried about how we were going to pay for college for my daughter.   She is a high performing student and wanted to go to private schools that we just didn’t have the money to pay for.   Donna was able to help her target schools where she was awarded large scholarships so she ended up with several great programs to choose from that we could actually afford.

Kris, Madison, WI

Donna was invaluable in guiding us through the college application experience. She helped with everything from college selection, test prep, to essay editing. Donna is very careful to match students with schools that would fit them well, and helps clients craft a reasonable, well thought-out list of schools. I would not hesitate to recommend Donna and YellowTwist to guide you on the college selection journey from start to finish.

Amy L, Atlanta, GA

My son is currently working with Donna from YellowTwist Educational Services and she’s been wonderful to work with. She has opened his eyes to several schools that he wasn’t previously considering one of which just became his top choice school. She has been great at coaching him on what to look for on school visits, what questions to ask, and what activities to do at each school. He applied for and was accepted into a special summer program and she helped with reviewing his essay and provided helpful feedback on ways to improve it. We look forward to working with her on deciding what schools to apply to early and regular decision and on getting all the essays and activities done. My son doesn’t take advice from me so it’s great to have someone trusted to provide advice to him along the way.

Carol T., Seattle, WA

Working with Donna made the whole college search process much less stressful for our family. She ensured that my daughter consider schools that were a great fit for her and her major. My daughter was accepted into her three top choices with great offers of merit aid. She’ll be attending a great school next year that seems perfect for her. Without the help from Donna, she would not have thought to apply there. I highly recommend her.

Susan L., Chicago, IL

Every time my daughter meets with Donna, she comes home feeling really great about herself and her college search.   I’m so happy to have someone who really cares to help her with this process.

Tara, Whidbey Island, WA

Thanks, Donna! Again, you have done a great job creating this list and helping my daughter out with her search.  

Carrie, Renton, WA

Thank you for all your great advice.    I feel like you are here for me as much as for my son.    I love the fact that you are there to help us with whatever questions we have along the way.

Diane, Raleigh, NC

I don’t know how we would have managed this process without Donna’s help.   We have a high EFC and couldn’t have afforded full tuition at the schools we were looking at.   Donna helped us identify schools where my daughter would be awarded significant merit aid and it made a huge different.   

Rebecca, Seattle, WA

She helped us find a great college match for our son.  She was very knowledgeable about different schools and admissions policies.    My son really appreciated her help on his essays.   He really didn’t know what to write about and was majorly stressing over them.   She helped him understand what they are for and brainstormed ideas with him.    I don’t think he would have ended up at this school or with this award package without her help.

Sumi, San Rafael, CA

We decided to hire Donna because my daughter simply didn’t want to take my advice or my husbands.    We kept nagging her to look at schools and do research but it would never get done.   Once we hired Donna, our daughter got on the ball and did the necessary work.  Working with Donna really helped reduce the stress and tension in our house.   My daughter is happy with her decision and we are thrilled that she’s found a place to call home for the next four years.

Jeff, Seattle, WA

My son was just accepted to his dream school!   He is very excited and I’m sure that it would not have happened without your help.  Thank you so much! 

Julie, Seattle, WA